The profile is a publically accessible page of portraying your self.

Much like that of any social media page like the facebook profile or a linkedin profile. Here you are able to show what you fill out in the profile.

There are different layouts possible for public profiles depending on how you are classified by the site administrator.

The data in your public profile comes from the information that you fill in the members area.

The profile may not need include of all the information that you fill in your members area.

If you registered using a form, then you may find that the values that you entered in the form appear pre-filled in the profile. There may also be some fields which are specifically set for your profile. Keeping a profile 100% complete is always recommended.

Edit Profile

You can edit the profile in the profile section of your members area. View the changes in your public profile in the members area.

Uploading your Photo

You can change your Profile image aka. avatar / Digital Pic from the "Change profile photo" section. If you have already uploaded an avatar image, you will see option to change the image. Click on Change image button to change your image. You will see a upload file box. Click on that box and you can select the avatar which you want to upload.

Mouse over, or Tough the uploaded image to see the option to crop it or cancel and select another image.

Finally click on the upload image to set the image as your profile image.

Once the image is uploaded you can see the image in the site. It may not appear straight away but if you reload the page or drag to refresh then you will be see the updated image. To change the image you can click again on the change profile photo.

To change the image you can click change image button and then follow the above screens.

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