List of All Addons

This is the complete list of All addons which are compatible with v4 with their functions. You can check all the addons list from here which we have:

Complete List of all Addons Compatible with v4

We are working continuously to make other addons compatible as well. So we will update this list

  • Vibe Earnings

  • Vibe Calendar

  • Vibe Drive

  • Vibe KB

  • Vibe Helpdesk

  • Vibe Zoom --------> compatible version of wplms zoom for v4

  • Vibe BBB -----------> compatible version of wplms BBB for v4

  • Wplms H5p

  • Wplms Wishlist

  • Wplms Batches

  • Wplms Attendance

  • Vibe Appointments -------> compatible version of wplms appointments for v4

  • WPLMS Parent User

  • WPLMS Phone Auth

  • WPLMS Unit Timing

  • WPLMS Custom Learning Paths

  • WPLMS Course Custom Nav

  • Vibe Jitsi

  • WPLMS Active Campaign

  • WPLMS GroundHogg

  • WPLMS GetResponse

  • WPLMS PDF certificates

  • WPLMS Quiz Certificates

  • WPLMS Co-Authors

  • WPLMS Mailchimp

  • WPLMS MyCred Addon

You will find all the information about Free Addons here and for paid ones check this list

To download the plugin zip directly:

This same link is applicable for all the "FREE ADDONS"

pageList of All Addons

Vibe Helpdesk

Link :

Why We need Vibe Helpdesk

  • The very first thing is to make sure the BBpress Plugin should be activated on your site:

  • In Bbpress Plugin there is a functionality to create forums, users can create topics and other users on that same topic can post a reply. Basically, if someone needs a forum Like a Feature to have on his site. This Addon will extend the functionality of BBpress Plugin.

  • After Activating the Plugin, add the "Forums" Menu in Profile Menu from wp-admin > Appearance > Menus(Profile Menu)

  • In Vibebp - Settings - Helpdesk Tab ---> Here all the Vibe Helpdesk related settings will be visible

Private replies feature in Helpdesk

Install the BBPress private replies addon for BBPress :


Why Do We Need VibeDrive?

This is an alternative to Buddydrive. Read more about this plugin from here:

How To Setup

First setup the Vibedrive Menu from wpadmin - Appearance - Menus as we mentioned for all other Buddypress menus

Vibe Calendar


Why we Need Vibe Calendar

  • After Activating the Plugin, add the "Calendar" Menu in Profile Menu from wp-admin > Appearance > Menus(Profile Menu)

Language setting in Calendar.

Vibe Zoom

Check here:

Vibe BBB

Check here:


Vibe Jitsi

Check here:

WPLMS MyCred Addon

Vibe KB

WPLMS Wishlist

Addons FAQ

How to Receive Updates

Simply Add the theme Purchase Code in your Dashboard Section. And then refresh the plugins section, you will receive update notification

Even After Setting up the Profile Menu correctly, the Menu is not visible there then click on "Refresh BuddyPress Nav" Button from wp-admin > Vibebp - Settings - Buddypress Tab. Now it will visible

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