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Finding your item purchase code

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Purchase Process

User purchasing the Course but not enrolled

User purchased the course but does not get enrolled in the course

This happens because of following reasons :

  1. Order InComplete

    Whenever a user purchases a course, a corresponding order is created in WooCommerce / Pmpro / EDD or any other plugin and unless that order is marked as complete by the respective plugin the WPLMS will not assign the user to the course.

2. Course not connected

The user purchased a product which does not have the course connected. The products which have course connected appear like :

And the order created appears like

Waiting For Admin Approval

Order was not marked complete by WooCommerce. Verify the order at WP admin - WooCommerce - orders . As a quick fix, just mark this order complete.

This is a very common issue in WooCommerce. However, installing this plugin resolves this issue.

Account not Created on WooCommerce checkout

Ensure that you have enabled the below setting in WooCommerce.

Layout FAQs

Right align last menu items

Vibebp Layouts Not Imported

In case, after setting up everything, you are not able to find Default Elementor Templates for Member Profile, Member Card, Course Layouts, Course Cards, Group Layouts, Group Cards. No need to worry. Simply Follow the steps below

  • Open link in your site :

  • Locate vibebp_setup_complete [ ]

  • Set the input field value from 1 to 0

  • Save options list.

  • You have VibeBP Setup wizard back again in your screen.

Enable below switch

I got Google warning for Brand Icon use.

Enable this switch.

Profile Layout Messed Up

Simply Edit the page, and remove this garbage SVG Element from Elementor

Course Price is not saved

Course price does not get set during course creation.

The Course product captures values from the course to create the product in the WooCommerce. This means it needs course title and Course full description to create a product. Always make sure that you have course title and course full description set for a course to be able to create its pricing.

Dashboard loads empty despite widgets being saved in Widgets Area

2 possible reasons, blank member type has been created.

  1. Please go to WP admin - VibeBp - Settings - BuddyPress - Members

  2. Remove the member types, it seems you have a "Blank" member type registered which is causing this issue.


  3. Edit the member and remove member type :

PWA shows in Boxed Layout

The Page you connected in Vibebp - Settings - App Builder - Here Set an Offline Page For PWA

When you will set a page here, and then after setting up everything check this page. It appears as a Boxed Layout Not in Full Width

So Edit your Page in Backend and set the Page Template as "barebone" page template and update

Update FAQs

Will I Loose My Data? While Upgrading

No, your data will not be lost while upgrading from version 3.x.x to 4.x because we are not updating the WordPress or database. The courses, units and other data on your site is saved in database and this update will not affect anything But still, if you are afraid, you can keep a backup of your site and then proceed

How to Upgrade Theme Version

If you are on version 3.x.x and upgrading your site to version 4.x then the automatic theme update method will work here. The process is simple, just follow the automatic update method: :Automatic Update

Not Receiving Plugin Updates

In version 4, you have to add your theme purchase code in this area:

After activating the plugin which is compatible with version 4. The very first step is to setup menu so you have to add a Buddypress menu item in the profile menu from wp-admin > Appearance > Menus

The Menu items saved here will be reflected in the Profile Menu Section. In any case, if menu is still not visible then once hit on the button "refresh buddypress navigation menu". For this, go to wp-admin > Vibebp > Settings > Buddypress Tab

Managing Profile Menu

Functioning Issues

General tips for resolving issues

  1. Clear Buddypress cache : WP admin - Settings - BuddyPress - Components - Save

  2. Rebuild permalinks : WP admin - Settings - Permalinks - Save

  3. Disconnect and Re-Connect directory page : Wp admin - Settings - BuddyPress - Pages , disconnect page by setting to none, save settings, clear buddypress cache as in 1. and set the directory page again.

Profile does not open or opens blank

Most likely there is profile restriction in place.

  • Check WP admin - WPLMS - BuddyPress - Single member profile view , make sure this is view all.

  • Check WP admin - Settings - Vibebp - BuddyPress - Public profile view, ensure this is unchecked.

  • Check WP admin - Settings - BuddyPress - Pages - Members a page is connected and it does open.

  • Check WP admin - Vibebp - Profile Layouts , make sure there is a profile layout.

  • Check WP admin - Vibebp - Profile Layouts , make sure there is a profile layout which is not connected to any member type. The latest profile layout is picked, so ensure that there is some content you have built in elementor.

  • Note the URL, check if there is a missing backslash, save buddypress Components at WP admin - Settings - BuddyPress - Components

  • Try switching to a standard Profile template at Customizer - Layouts - Profile - set to any other than last one [blank]

Error While Creating Notes From Frontend

While creating Notes From Frontend Error Shows such as "Permission Denied"

This is the Error Related to Firebase

Then Add these Rules

rules { : { "rules" : { ".read":true, ".write":true}}

Vibebp Client Id is Missing

This will be generated again. It is not a fixed value but a security parameter that we are passing in API call. You can set this value according to you as well. One thing to note down is, if you are changing this value then make sure to clear the cache, server as well as browser cache. Otherwise, it will conflict in the API call

Quizzes not loading.

Do you see multiple Quiz loaders ? like below screenshot. It means that you have outdated scripts loading. The WPLMS version 4 comes with inbuilt react Quiz, so you can disable WP admin - LMS - Settings. Or simply use the Bootstrap 4 or No Jquery mode in WP admin - WPLMS - Misc.

Social Logins do not work

Make sure you have added your domain name TLD in firebase authorisation settings.

Course Purchase via Woocoommerce : Waiting for Admin Approval

The WooCommerce did not mark the order complete. Only after the WooCommerce marks the order complete the WPLMS will resume its processing. We recommend users to install the WooCommerce auto-complete orders plugin so that woocommerce marks their orders as complete on payment completion.

Set User Login Threshold Limit

When users close the internet browser tab, the account remains open for more than 30 minutes and they cannot access again until that time expires. So this code will set it to 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes Add this code in wp-admin > Plugins > editor > select WPLMS Customizer Plugin > wplms-customizer.php

add_filter('wplms_login_threshold',function($x){return 900;});

Here 900 is seconds which is equivalent to 15 minutes

Elementor & other Icons go missing when PWA enabled.

This is common issue because the PWA is not programmed to capture third party icons. So if you see this issue :

Locate the icons path. For exmaple, above icon set comes from following location.

Now we need to insert this icon set into the PWA pre-cached resources.

After adding these paths , you will need to "Regenerate Service worker"

Then you will need to update the service worker in your own browser

BuddyPress Activation Email Not Working

Everything is correctly Setup But Users are not able to activate their account. So Make sure a valid Email Id should Be Saved in LMS > Settings > Emails Tab

Third party plugins will have their own to email setting which you may need to configure if you are using a plugin for emails , example screenshot :

For enable Emails to use BuddyPress HTML

if other emails are working in your site but buddypress emails are not working. Try adding below code in your child theme - functions.php ,

add_filter( 'bp_email_use_wp_mail', '__return_true' );

Use Third party Email services

Profile image option missing in profiles

Stop Instructors from seeing other Instructors Media & content

Enable WP admin - WPLMS - Course manager - Force Instructor Content Privacy

Custom Icon For Units

Add this code either in Blank Child Theme's funtion.php file or in wplms customizer plugin > wplms-customizer.php


//print_r($component_name); //find out component names
        if($component_name == 'jitsi'){
            return '<svg xmlns="" width="24" height="24" viewBox="0 0 24 24" fill="none" stroke="currentColor" stroke-width="1" stroke-linecap="round" stroke-linejoin="round" class="feather feather-video"><polygon points="23 7 16 12 23 17 23 7"></polygon><rect x="1" y="5" width="15" height="14" rx="2" ry="2"></rect></svg>';
        return $icon;

Custom Icon For Profile Menu

You can change these icons in the members area :

Step 1:

  • Go to WP admin – Apperance – Menus , edit the profile menu.

  • Enable CSS Classes from the screen options on top right

  • Note the CSS Class of the icon you want to change :

Step 2:

  • Locate any good svg, is a good resource.

  • Download the svg icon

  • Edit SVG icon in text editor and copy the SVG icon

Step 3:

  • Add this code in child theme – functions.php or WPLMS Customizer – wplms_customizer.php

  • Keep the information CSS class and SVG with you. Replace XXXX with CSS class from step 1 and

        if($id == 'XXXXXX'){
            $icon = '
        return $icon;

Firebase Social login not working

Check if the firebase credentials entered are correct. On saving the credentials should appear like below.

Ensure domain is added in firebase authenticated domain

Login not working correctly or inconsistently

Two issues which can cause login to not work correctly when you are using Firebase Configuration.

  • Incorrect firebase project location : Firebase configuration will not work if your firebase project is located in South Asia or newer regions. We recommend using US / Europe based regions.

  • Incorrect firebase configuration : Missing Realtime database in firebase configuration. If you copy firebase configuration before enabling realtime database then it will cause issues. After enabling disabling firebase features, make sure you re-copy firebase configuration and paste in vibebp settings.

Import BuddyPress Email Templates

We are using Buddypress functionality in wplms. Touchpoints are also based on that, the email templates are created and these email templates used in the situations. Buddypress added this functionality that you can even customize your existing email templates. Read More about this here:

In case, users don't find all the email templates then follow these steps:

Please use these steps to import Buddypress Email Templates

Point 1 . Then goto wp-admin -> emails -> delete all the emails and also delete them permanently from trash .

Point 2 . Then goto wp-admin -> tools -> Buddypress to re-install bp emails .

Then Migrate All wplms Emails to Buddypress Emails

From wplms version 2.7 we have added option to change the wplms_bp_emails option from wp-admin -> lms-> settings -> functions -> ad hoc -> Custom Field for Option . Now to change option you have set the wplms_bp_emails option like this as shown in screenshot :

After setting this value you will get notification in admin to migrate emails . for wplms version below 2.7 :

Please follow these steps : 1.Log in to your wp-admin and access the link : . 2. This page will have all the options from your options table . 3. Now search for the option named ” wplms_bp_emails ” . 4. Value in this option will be version of vibe course module plugin if you have already migrated and 0 if not . So put there 1 and save the changes .You will get the notification again to migrate all the wplms emails .

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