List of shortcodes used in the theme & plugins



Displays login panel. [vibebplogin button="1" class="button"]Login trigger[/login] this will show a button with class button and on click of it shows the login popup. using used plain [vibebp_login] the login form is embedded on page


This embeds the profile area on the page. No parameters. Requires vibebp_login shortcode to be used before this is invoked.


The new carousel used in various places of the theme. Used by Gutenberg and Elementor elements. This is a complex shortcode, we recommend using the Generators for using it.


The registration form shortcode. Available at WP admin - Vibebp - Settings - Registration forms.


Count type of members. Params member_type , [vibebp_member_typecount member_type="student"] , count the students type of members on site.


The shortcode to display icon from the vicon set. [vicon vicon="XXX" size="24" color="red"] . Accepts parameters , vicon , size and color. Pick vicon from the list.


Display a member profile field. When used in profile layout will display information about the current member. [profile_field id="xx"] or [profile_field name="xx"] you can pass profile field ID or name value to display.


Group fields created in WP admin - Vibebp - Settings - BuddyPress - Groups can be displayed on Group layouts. Usage : [group_field field_name="XX"] .

WPLMS Plugin

  1. [mygamification_badges] : Displays gamification badges of current user. Can be used in profile layout or [mygamification_badges userid="XX"] user ID can be passed for custom user's badges. Requires Gamification feature to be active.

  2. [course_codes] : Embed Course code and direct enrol into course feature via course code.

  3. [user_reviews] : Displays reviews posted by a user or for an instructor. Can be embedded on Profile layout. [user_reviews user_type="instructor"] to show instructors reviews on profile. Accepts style attribute as "grid" or "carousel" [user_reviews user_type="instructor" style="carousel"]

  4. [course_info info="title"] Display course information on course layout. Used in Gutenberg and Elementor. [ possible values for info : title , excerpt, description, average_rating, average_rating_count, review_count,student_count, last_update,instructor_name,course_duration,course-cat,curriculum_item_count,cumulative-time,pre-required-courses,certificate,badge ]

  5. [course_featured] Show featured image of course

  6. [course_button] Displays course button on page. Can be used in Course layout to detect current course. Also access ID for specific course.

  7. [countdown_timer] : Show a count down timer. Pass end Date, [countdown_timer date="22-08-2022"]

  8. [number_counter min="0" max="100" increment="5"] : Automatic number counter, triggers from min to max with increment value.

  9. [allbadges] Show all badges earned by user

  10. [instructor id="X"] Display an Instructor of id X ( get id from WP admin - users ]

  11. [course id="x" featured_block="x"] display a course, enter featured block from course1 to course10 for display cards.

  12. [sell_content product_id="x"] Content hidden [/sell_content] : This shortcode hides the content and displays to users who have purchased the Product.

  13. [show_certificates] : Shows all the certificates on student's profile as gallery

Certificate Shortcodes

These shortcodes are to be used on certificate templates.

[certificate_student_name] : Displays Student name on certificate

[certificate_student_photo] : Displays Student photo on certificate

[certificate_student_email] : Displays email of Student

[certificate_course] : Displays course name

[certificate_student_marks] : Shows student's score/. marks on certificate

[certificate_student_field field="XYZ"] : Display any custom field information from the student's profile on certificate.

[certificate_student_date] : The date on whcih student recieved the certificate

[course_completion_date] : The date on which the course was completed.

[certificate_expiry_date days="34"] : Adds Days to completion date and shows as Certificate expires

[certificate_code] : Displays a unique certificate code for validation

[certificate_course_field field="Name"] : Shows any custom course field value

[certificate_course_duration] : Displays Total duration of course

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