Creating Courses

Welcome to the Instructor's guide for WPLMS Learning management system. The purpose of this guide is to make instructor's aware of all the controls available.

Profile Management

The Profile Management is same as mentioned in Student's Doc

Course Content Creation

Instructors can create content from backend as well as from Frontend. Access the Profile Page and there instructor will find a button to create a course.

From Course Components section we can select groups, forums and batches as well and it will be connected with the course. For Groups and Forums functionality make sure the component should be enabled in Settings > Buddypress > Components

And For Forums, Make sure BBpress Plugins should be activated on your site

From Course Curriculum Section instructors can set the curriculum for courses and then the last step is to publish the course

xAPI / TinCan Courses

Instructors can also embed xAPI courses built in content generator tools for LMS.

Scorm in WPLMS

You can also embed scrom in WPLMS courses

Course Content Management

A1. Editing Units

while setting up course curriculum the very first thing is editing unit or creating unit. This question is frequently asked by a lot of users that how they can change the unit type. You will find a pencil icon, click on that and change the unit type

A2. Adding Video Type Unit

A3. Adding Scorm Packages

SCORM stands for "Sharable Content Object Reference Model". A SCORM Content Package is a . zip file that contains content formatted in such a way that it can easily be imported into courses directly. So if you want to upload scorm packages then yes, it is supported in wplms v4

A4. Embedding H5P Content

H5P is a free and open-source content collaboration framework based on JavaScript. H5P is an abbreviation for HTML5 Package, and aims to make it easy for everyone to create, share and reuse interactive HTML5 content.

A5. Reordering Units in Huge Courses

In case, you have a lot of units associated with a course and now you want the last section to show up at first place. Then there is no need to delete all the content and then creating the curriculum from scratch. But you can easily reorder everything according to your choice

A6. HLS & Dash Support

HLS is short for HTTP Live Streaming. It is a protocol used to stream live video over the internet. Originally developed by Apple, the purpose of HLS was to make the iPhone capable of accessing live streams. First, you need to enable the HLS & Dash Support Checkbox from LMS > Settings

A7. Practice Questions in Units

A8. Setup VdoCipher

To setup Vdocipher in your WPLMS.There are a few steps to follow.

How it will work.

A9. Adding PPT type in units

To setup WPLMS-PPT in your WPLMS.There are a few steps to follow.

  • Create an account here

  • Make sure your one drive is active, you can test to upload a sample file/video/ppt.

  • You have to create a new App Registration

How it will work.

A10. FV Player Support In Units

  1. Enable the setting in wp-admin > Settings > FV player > Setup > Load FV Flowplayer JS everywhere

2. Now paste this code either in wp-admin > Plugins > editor > Select WPLMS Customizer Plugin > wplms-customizer.php OR in Blank Child's functions.php. It depends on you


Creating Course Cards

Notifications Panel

There is a new feature introduced that you will receive notifications for each and everything like this

Create A Custom Profile and Cards

Importing Bulk Questions

Student Management

B1. Add Students In Course

As you know, now everything is managed From this Area(Member's Area). Admin Tab which used to appear on Single Course Page is no longer functional because adding students in a course is managed from here.

From Instructor Control's Section, Click On Manage Courses - Click On Admin Tab and add the students in the course from here, you can either search a user by his username or with the email id.

There are sorting options available here, so you can actually sort students on the basis of their course status, on the basis of their access status.

B2. Reset Student Course Progress

In case, Instructor wants to reset the progress of the course for a specific student. He can do that from here. If a student completed a course, suppose 30% but now instructor wants him to start the course again. He can reset his course progress from here

B3. Student Statistics In Course

This will show the stats which is related to the student. statistics basically show which unit completed by the user, and how much time was taken by that student to complete that unit.

B4. Student Activity

Clicking on this Tab, instructors can check the student's activity and they can filter the activities as well(which they want to check basically).

B5. Announcement And News

Instructors can add Announcements here which they want to circulate among course students. This will be visible to all those students who are enrolled in that course

This image below is the view of how it looks from Student View

B6. Course Review & Rating

The course reviews can be checked under "Review" Tab. After Course Completion User can leave a course rating and that will be visible here

B7. Answering Questions

While going through the units, users(students) enrolled in that course can ask questions if they have any doubt and then continue with their course. At the end of the day, when instructor will check this tab, he will found the Questions raised by students while checking the course. From here, instructors can answer student's doubts

B8. Assign Certificate & Badges

Make sure in the course, assign certificate/badge should be enabled and certificate template or certificate badge image should be set. Only then this functionality will work. Students can check the earned certificates or badges in "Achievements" Menu.

B9. Extending Subscription

In case, the course access duration is set as 10 days. So, after 10 days users will not able to access the course material and it will show Expired. That means the course subscription for that student is expired. So what instructors can do is assign more number of days to increase the subscription limit from here.

For Unlimited Course Subscription, set 9999 days as course duration and then it will be available for unlimited duration

B10. Change Course Status

Changing Course Status option is also available for a particular user or you can do this for all users enrolled in that course.

Suppose, A student sent you a message that he forgot to click on "Finished Course" and logged out from the system. Here, An instructor has the capability to change the status of the course for that student

B11. Sending Bulk Message

For this feature, make sure the Buddypress "Private Messaging" Component Should be enabled from wp-admin - Settings - Buddypress - Components.

Check the "All Students" Checkbox while sending messages so it will be available for all students

B12. Adding Students Via CSV file

To export users from one website and import it to another website, you should create a export file and then import the students in bulk with this feature

Reports & Data

Managing Reports is still under development so we will update this section once it will be live

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