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Setting up login and Regiration

Configure Login & Registration

The version 4 the login script is not loaded by default on the entire site. It is loaded when you enable the setting WP admin - VibeBP - Global Login. Also as this is a front end login system, you need to enable the WP Login sync as well for vibebp to recognise WP logged in users.

The Login customization options in Customizer - Header - Login options would no longer work

Video walkthrough - Customize Login Screen

You can also use other settings like expanded menus in the customizer.

Social Logins

The social logins are now integrated with Firebase. As WPLMS v4 uses a JWT login system, it is much different than existing logins.

Why Firebase ?

We wanted the system to remain fast and not use server for social login integrations. For example : if 20 users use Facebook login in your site at the same time, your server ( a single cpu) would have immense amount of work to do as it would make a hit to facebook and send in credentials, generate WordPress session cookie and validate for all 20 users. Also maintain other tasks going on in the site. As compared to version 4 browser only system, the WPLMS uses 20 client CPU's to make the hits and only make the single hit to the server for registration. Cookie less, Fast and secure.

The server would only authenticate with firebase and firebase takes care of the rest of the integrations. Firebase is free, it provides "the" gold standard on how scalable login systems should be built. Several projects not just WPLMS but many use Firebase JWT classes to generate tokens. Also firebase takes care of evolving login patterns of these social networking sites.

The firebase takes care of integrating with social login without putting any stress on your server. Your server just maintains integration with firebase. The firebase requests are validated by public keys which the WPLMS site fetches from firebase every 15 minutes interval. So this is as secure as it can be.

I liked v3 Login, can i revert ? Can I use third party plugin like Digits ?

We get this question a lot. Even though you lose out on tons of great options and sacrifice a lot on speed and even though I strongly recommend against this. Yes, you can still use old login system with WP login sync enabled in the WP admin - Vibebp - settings.

Upgraded and Login not working

Go to WP admin - Vibebp - Settings and enable Global login and WP Login sync.

Why this setting is not enabled by default ? We have deliberately added this switch as in version 4 WPLMS can execute entirely on a single page. Yes, you do not need to convert your entire site into an LMS. That idea is actually a limitation of WordPress that to implement afunctionality as complex as Learning management system you have to add templates and implement functionality based on how WordPress functions. The WordPress lifted this with their HeadLess CMS concept.

Configure Firebase Live chat

Single Session users accounts

Enter firebase server key and service email account. This is mandatory for Single user session to logout all user sessions. Also required for Cache first service workers, iOS App, push notifications.

Changing the messages in the login popup

As you as you enable this, you will be able to click on the login link in the header and it would open the new login popup. You would want to change the login screen text messages and the references to vibethemes & wplms. To change simply go to WP admin - VibeBP - Settings and you can change these messages easily

You can also customize this screen further by adding checkbox for login and registration screens.

Add login terms. A checkbox appears for users who login to your site. Add registration terms. A checkbox appears for users who want to register to your site.

The registration can be further modified. You may have requirements for a bigger registration form with custom information. In that case, you can setup a registration form.

I want multiple registration forms, for instructors, students and more options.

We have some fantastic options available, you can explore the custom registration forms feature. This is really a useful feature considering the options it provides.

  • Fill information directly in profile fields

  • Embed Google captcha validation

  • Enrol the user directly in a group / batch & into the courses.

  • Assign a different user role for the site. So if you assign an instructor as role to anyone registering using that form. It becomes an Instructor registration form.

  • If you are a school or community and have multiple member type requirements, you can assign custom member type to the user registring from the form.

  • End output is a shortcode and that shortcode can be embedded at any place on site.

  • Is built in native javascript, no jquery mode, so can work asynchronously.

  • Assign a custom activation email template. Different activation email per registration form.

  • Assign a custom welcome email template per form.

  • Add some styling and any custom layout is possible. Show in tabs, show in two column format.

WPLMS Registration Forms

Third-party registration form plugins

You can use any third party registration form in WPLMS.

Synchronise WP with VibebP Login

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