Required pages for WPLMS

Following is the list of required pages for WPLMS with their description.

BP Single page

This is an important page, even though it is optional, we configure it by default. This is the page where entire App works.

pageBuddyPress Single page

Course Directory

The page where you want to show all the courses. This is the page connected with BuddyPress at WP admin - Settings - BuddyPress - Pages - Course. When you enable WP admin - WPLMS - Course manager - redirect course categories/levels to directory this setting becomes important. The slug of this page also sets the url of the course. To edit the page in Elementor, you will need to disconnect the page from Buddypress and after editing , reconnect it with buddypress.

Activity Page

This page is not required and automatically created by BuddyPress.

Members Page

This page is the members directory. The slug of this page is used in the url of members profiles. If you have private member profiles not visible to public / non-logged in members then you can very well remove this page. Removing this page you will need the buddypress single page.

Register Page

This is default registration page for buddypress. This page can also be safely removed as registration is inbuilt in the VibeBP / WPLMS.

Activate page

This is an important page and required for manual registration and activations that happen in your site.

Certificate page

This is the default certificate page, a blank page with page template certificate connected at WP admin - WPLMS - course manager - certificate fallback. This page is used by the certificate validator to validate certificates using certificate codes. IF you are using PDf certificates then you need the page.

Contact page

This is the contact page totally optional. It uses an embedded Google map whose coordinates ar entered in WP admin - WPLMS - Misc.

Course Status

Legacy page, no longer required in WPLMS. However if you still want to use version3, this can still be used to activate verison 3 course status in version 4 framework.

Edit course

Legacy page, no longer required in WPLMS. This used to be the page to edit the courses in version 3 framework, however with TinyMCE and classic editor being removed in WordPress core by december 2022 it may stop working or require an additional plugin to work.

Shop page

This is the WooCommerce shop page, where all products are listed. Required if you are selling courses via WooCommerce.

Cart & Checkout page

These are again important pages of WooCommerce. Required if you are selling courses via WooCommerce.

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