Members Area

Welcome to the Students's guide for WPLMS Learning management system. The purpose of this guide is to make student aware of all the controls available in his profile to pursue educational material on

Members Area

Members area is the personal area where you interact with the WPLMS.

Here you will find all the controls to pursue courses and other functionality enabled by your site administrator for you.

To reach the members area, you will need to log into the site. To log in to the site you will need to click on the "Login" link available in the screen. Clicking on it you will be required to create an account in the site.

The registration process depends on how the site adminsitrator has configured and is out of scope for this topic. Once the registraiton is compelte and you have the account details to login. You can login to the site from the login screen. The login screen is again configured by the adminsitartor, it could be placed on top header or on a page of your site.

Once you are logged in you will see a screen which appears similar to below.

In this section of your screen. There are 2 menus appearing, the left most is the profile menu and on its right is the profile submenu.

You can see the Active item in your profile menu from the highlighted screen or from the top title in the submenu.

You will also notice an arrow appears where the menu item has more items. Mouse over on the arrow and you will see more items which appear below the current hovered item.

Towards the bottom of your screen you will see option to enable or disable the mode of your screen. There are 2 modes available, light mode and dark mode which change the color combination of your screen.

The last item is the logout, clicking on it will log you out form the members area and you will land on a different page which has been set by your administrator.

You will also find a notification area. All the notification whcih appear on the pages will be displayed here. Clicking on it will show the notifications which have appeared. These notifications are available for 15 seconds before they are automatically removed from this notifications panel.

You will find the logged in menu short controls which are set by the administrator of your site.

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