WPLMS GroundHogg

(Version 1.1)


This Addon will basically integrates the GroundHogg CRM features with wplms. So you will need this Addon for that. It enables the user to automatically create their own tags in groundhogg’s tags section.


How It Works


  1. It enables the user to create their course-specific tags in the groundhogg.

  2. Assigns the users to the course-specific tags as per their subscription in the course.

  3. Automatically ADD/REMOVE users from the tags on course subscribe/unsubscribe.

Setting Up

  • Install and Activate GroundHogg Plugin First From here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/groundhogg/

  • Generate the API Keys(Public Key/Token/Secret Key)

  • Enter the Public Key of Groundhogg in Groundhogg Public Key section and Token in Groundhogg Token section in LMS - Settings - Groundhogg.

  • And Save the Changes as shown in images below

  • Creating Course-specific Tags: By enabling this setting this will create course-specific tags in the Groundhogg - Tags section and after tag creation in GroundHogg

Auto-Subscribe/unsubscribe user on Course subscribe/unsubscribe: This will automatically assign users on course subscription and remove from the tag when removed from the course.

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