Documentation Structure

How this documentation is structured.

This documentation is borken down into 5 different parts.
  1. 1.
    Installation & Setup
  2. 2.
    Administrators Guide
  3. 3.
    Instructor Guide
  4. 4.
    Student Guide
  5. 5.
    Developer Guide
Terminology used in the documenation
  • WP Admin Wordpress Administration area. screenshot
  • Paths like : WP admin - Plugins/ WP Admin - VibeBP Left side menu tab in the Wordpress Administration area. screenshot
  • Customizer / Theme Customizer Wordpress Customizer scren. screenshot
  • WPLMS ABout The WP Admin - Dashboard - About WPLMS. screenshot
  • WooCommerce Wordpress Administration area.
  • Course Admin / Course Administration Wordpress Administration area.
  • WPLMS Customizer Plugin: This is a blank plugin so you can add your custom code here. This Plugin never receives updates, so your custom work will be safe here
Download the Zip from here and add in wp-admin > Plugins > Add New > Activate
WPLMS Customizer Plugin
Throughout this documenation we will be following symbols, to highlight the importance of these sections. They are specifically placed on the pages to gain user's attention.
Information Block
Useful information regarding a content block
Warning Block
Things of importance. Place where user can make a mistake.
Error Block
Places where you might face an error and rectification steps.
Help Block
If you need further help, where you contact us.
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