Vibe Appointments

This is a compatible version for v4 of wplms Appointments Addon

Both wplms Appointments and Vibe Appointments are paid ones. So if you are using vibebp and wplms_plugin which means you are on v4 so please deactivate wplms appointments Plugin and use Vibe Appointments Addon

If you purchased Wplms Appointments then no need to invest money again on Vibe Appointments, you can actually get it for free by using wplms appointments License key to download the compatible version of Appointments from here:

Video Tutorial

Activate Addon

The License Key you received, you need to add this license key in Vibebp - Addons - Vibe Appointments.

How To Setup Vibe Appointments

  • Install And Activate the Plugin. Make Sure you are using the latest version of the addon

  • You will see a tab in wp-admin > Vibebp > Settings > Appointments Tab

  • From Here, you can manage all the settings now

  • To Setup Menu, Go to wp-admin > Appearance > Menus

  • Now, It will Appear in your Members Area like this

Appointment Settings

  • Appointments Minimum Slot - Set the Time in Minutes here, as shown in screenshot 30 minutes set which means this is minimum required time slot for which you can create slots. When you will create slots and try to break into multiple small slots then the minimum time will be 30 minutes, which means you cannot create slot for less than this time.

  • Buffer Time For Appointments - After the Buffer Time Passed, you cannot cancel the booked slot

  • Show Only Instructor Controls in Instructors - If this checkbox will be checked then as a instructor you will not see the "My Bookings Tab"

  • Translate Based On Location - Not Available At the Moment

  • Clear Expired Slots - Check this checkbox to remove all the slots automatically when the time is passed

Types Of Slots Creation

  • Free Slots - It can be booked by anybody who is logged in /or who has a account. No need to pay for this, Instructor will approve the slot from the Pending Bookings Section. Instructor Can also add student Manually from Manage Slots Section.

  • Paid Slots - From Settings Tab, first set the price for the Slot and then create Slots, which can be booked by users


Q1. How Students Can Check the Available Slots Of Instructor

Edit your member layout via Elementor and add "Bookable Slot" then login as a student and check instructor Profile you'll see this calendar where all the available slots will be visible.

Q2. How to Forcefully Set calendar Language to French Language By Default

This code you should paste in wp-admin > Plugins > editor > Select WPLMS Customizer Plugin > wplms-customizer.php

where 'fr' is your language code. You can search your own language code from the url shared in the code below

This same code will work for the all the addons in which calendar is used

    return 'fr'; // your language code from

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