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Setup Issues

Updating plugins manually

  1. Upload plugins in WP admin - plugins - add new

Sliders did not install.

Sometimes sliders do not import. This happens because sliders are bulky. They usually have a size from 6-8MB and most of the time the download just does not complete.

This is a common issue becuase sliders are bulky, 6-7 mb it is very likely they do not download and install. So, you can simply download the sliders from below links and Install them directly.


Slider Download Link

Demo 17 About

Demo 17 Join

Demo 17 Community

How to import sliders ?

Locate your demo you were installing. Click on that folder link. Inside that folder, you will find the Zip files. Upload these zip files into the respective slider [How to import LayerSlider or How to import RevSlider]

Sliders Not Downloading

In this tip, you have the zip of all the sliders used in our demos and you can download the zip and then import it in the plugin:


Missing Images From Demo

Sometimes this can happen if the image size is too large or the image is of format not supported in your WordPress site. Like Icons or WebP images. All images used in Demos are either Open to use or we have their extended license.

You can download those images from the demos directly and upload to your site. How to download images from a webpage.

Sometimes menus appear disordered as a lot of information is imported. This can be easily fixed from the customizer. Video on how to fix menus.

Manage Site

Unable to edit Home Page with Elementor

Some of the demos are not built using elementor. For such demos you need to import the Elementor template and edit the page.Video walkthrough.

Profile Page Inaccessible Or redirects to home

Most likely there is a restriction on the Profile page. Check WP admin - WPLMS - BuddyPress - Single Member profile view and WP admin - Vibebp - Settings - BuddyPress - Accessibility, public profile view.

The settings should be like this:

Refresh BuddyPress navigation. WP admin - VibeBP - Settings - BuddyPress , locate and click the button. Refresh buddypress navigation.

Directories Issue(Blank Page/Edit Directory)

These steps will work for all directory related issues:

First you need to check which page is connected as a directory page in Buddypress Pages, For that Go to wp-admin > Buddypress > Pages Tab and check here

You can connect any page and these pages will start working as your directory pages. Now, If we are taking an example of how to edit the members directory page via Elementor. So what you need to do is first, set an option "none" here and then reload the members directory page, you will get an option to edit the page via Elementor . This is because, now it will start acting like a normal page. There you can edit the component and after saving connect the page here again. Check this: https://docs.wplms.io/administrator-guide/step-by-step-guide-for-administrators#d-directories

Widgets Not showing On Dashboard

Please check these points and this issue will be resolved

  • First, Go to wp-admin > Appearance > Widgets and check the Vibebp Member Sidebar and Students Sidebar have the correct widgets or not. The Students Sidebar Should have students dashboard widget and vibebp member sidebar should have instructor dashboard widgets

These are only a few widgets. It is mentioned on every widget that it is for student and this one is for instructors

  • If you selected member types from wp-admin > Vibebp > Settings > Buddypress > Different Dashboard For Member Type

Then you will have different dashboards based on Member Types and widgets will be visible according to that. Enabling this setting ensures that widgets are set in Member Type Sidebars in WP Admin - Appearance - Widgets section, else your dashboard would show up blank.

In Members Directory Filter is Not working

For directory searching this needs to be enabled in profile fields. If this Autolink is enabled only then this field will be visible as a filter option in Members Directory.

Instructor Controls Not showing in Dashboard Area?

Please check these steps:

  • If the current logged in user-created any course or not

  • Check if Instructor Content Privacy is Enabled in wp-admin > WPLMS > Course Manager then disable the setting

  • Reload the Buddypress Nav By adding this ?reload_nav=1, then check again

  • Make sure you should have everything updated to the latest version

  • when Users do not click on the button “Migrate to 4.0” which is visible in the dashoard area then the instructor controls not visible in the dashboard area. It should be like this:


Translate Login Popup Texts

No need to translate these texts, you can easily change these texts from wp-admin > Vibebp > Settings

Translate Profile Menu

You can change the label names from wp-admin > appearance > menus

To change these, you have to translate it first via Loco Translate Plugin. Once translated, it will not show the translations instantly. So what you have to do is add this: reload_nav=1

To reload the components with translated strings again :

Click on Refresh BuddyPress Nav from WP admin – Vibebp – Settings – BuddyPress


Like on my test setup, it will be: http://localhost/wplms/members/admin/?reload_nav=1

Customizer Appears blank after running setup wizard

If the customizer is appearing blank, please go to WP admin – Appearance – Menus and set menus at proper locations. In some cases, there is a redundant menu entry which is causing the customizer to not run.


Uploads not working.

Upload not working when you are uploading larger packages. Or shows up strange percentage values, like at full progress bar it shows 1.3% or 0.1% . This is a server issue. Your server is not accepting Patch requests, consult web host to enable Patch request in server. When you upload big files, bigger than the upload limit, VibeBP uploader breaks it down into parts to upload. The second and subsequent requests are called Patch requests as they add up to the same file. Sometimes servers are not configured for that and they show strange 406 errors.

Social login not working

Some caching plugins set the cache period of firebase keys to unlimited. To check this : Install the Transients Manager plugin from WordPress and then Simply make sure the firebase_public_keys transient is not set on "Never expire" mode. Quick fix is to disable the caching plugins like Auto-optimize and see if things start working and for permanent fix, make sure the transients are not being cached by the plugin.

Premium Plugins Update Issue

Wp Bakery(Visual Composer), Revolution Slider, Layer Slider

You will not be able to update the Visual Composer Plugin since you need to have license key. We could not give you the license key because it is against the terms and conditions of Codecanyon.

The premium plugins are included under extended license article : https://codecanyon.net/licenses/terms/extended , which allows WPLMS to include them in the theme. The plugin authors however can sell the support for their plugins separately and ask you to purchase the license but it is not “required”, you can simply skip or dismiss their notification asking you to purchase the plugin license.

How to update Visual Composer :

Method 1

1. Update the WPLMS Theme 2. Login via FTP of your server , locate the WP content/plugins/js_composer folder 3. Delete this folder 4. Login to WP Admin and you’ll see a notification that visual composer is deactivated. 5. Go to WP Admin -> Appearance -> Install plugins 6. You should see Visual composer, click on install and activate the plugin.

Method 2

  1. Go to WP Admin – Plugins and deactivate and delete the Visual composer plugin.

  2. Download the latest version of WPLMS theme from themeforest.

  3. Unzip the package

  4. Locate the theme file and upzip it.

  5. Locate the wplms/plugins folder and locate the js_composer.zip

  6. Go to WP Admin – plugins – add new and upload the above file.

  7. Latest Visual composer is now installed.

NOTE: Visual composer in WPLMS can only be updated with the theme updates. It may happen that the theme has outdated version of VC if there is a VC update in between theme updates.

Firebase issue , Chat , live modules not working

While configuring firebase you might get this error :

In such case you need to enable the realtime database and copy the config again

then copy the firebase config with database url and paste it to wp-admin -> vibebp -> settings :

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