WPLMS is the most advanced Learning management system built for WordPress. The version 4 is a complete re-creation of our WPLMS Platform.

We call it a platform because it is an entire system built using the theme and the plugins. Here is a short list of features included and possible in the theme. Below is the complete feature list of the Theme and plugins.

Included Feature List in WPLMS




Progressive Web App . Allow users to install the Progressive web app.


Works offline even without internet based on cached data, images, videos* and more. Instant load speeds of 200ms !

Mobile, DeskTop/ Tablet App

One Click generation of App from within the Theme options panel. One App for Administrator, Instructors, Students and any custom role of your site.


Create courses in WPLMS. Include sections, units, quizzes, assignments with grading options.

Live Chat

Inbuilt Live Chat with other members online in the site.

Real Time Notifications

Notify users in realtime of the activities happening on site. Like : Student added to course, Instructor sends announcements etc.

Push Notifications

Push notifications even when offline (Safari iOS not supported as of now)

Course Layouts

Create Layouts in Elementor/Divi* for courses. Different layouts for courses of different categories or individual course layout also possible.


Activity Tracking of student. Categorised per course, quiz, assignment and other modules.


Create customised reports, schedule reports, email reports. Standard reports per course, quiz exist.


Design & Award your certificates. With Student, Instructor information with unique code validation.


Create Quizzes in WPLMS. 2 Types of quizzes - Static question set, Dynamically generate question set from a pool of questions. Supports, Manual evaluation, automatic evaluation and re-evaluation of quizzes.


Create Assignments in WPLMS. Assignments are like homework, a problem statement and a manual evaluation. Users can upload assignments. Instructor Remarks & corrected uploads with marks.


Award badges on Course completion. Assign a badge image and a title.


Create Units in WPLMS. Unit can comprise of Video, Audio, Documents, PDF, Text and


Create Sections in WPLMS. A section can comprise of units, quizzes, assignments.

Font End Course Creation

The powerful drag drop Course creation module for Instructors. Easy to use and all settings in 1 place.

Personal/Instructor Notes

Notes module for units. Students can save personal notes. Instructor can leave notes for students besides the content.


Public discussions on Units in a course.

Ask Instructor

Students can ask questions and notify instructor to respond on the messages.

Bulk add Students

Bulk add students into courses.


Create Questions in WPLMS. 8 Type of questions. Match Answers, Sort Answers, Select Drop down, Fill in the Blank, Multiple choice single correct, Multiple choice multiple correct, Text and Essay type.

Questions Bank

Pull out questions in a Quiz from a Pool of questions

Bulk Import Questions

Import questions in bulk. Easily import questions from a CSV and import questions in bulk.

Code Questions

Self evaluation of Code questions.

Sell Courses

Sell Courses via WooCommerce or EDD. All payment gateways supported by WooCommerce are supported. Manual payment methods, COD, Bank Account also accepted.


Sell Courses via Memberships. Membership plugins required : Pmpro, Restrict content pro, WooCommerce Memberships. ARMember, WishlistMember and more.

Practice Quiz

Allow students to do sample quizzes.

Course bundles

Sell bundles of Courses. Group courses into bundles and sell for single price via WooCommerce, EDD.

Course Subscriptions

Set a monthly, yearly, weekly price for Courses.


Categorise the courses. Show categories and Filter courses by categories.

Expire Courses

Set a maximum duration within which the courses should be completed


Assign certificates to Courses/ Users

Manual Assign Courses

Assign Courses manually to Students.Notifications/Emails are sent.

Manual Course Subscription

Manage Course subscription time manually, course administration area. Notifications/Emails are sent.

Course Announcements

Send Announcement for the course. Displays highlighted in Students Profile. 1 announcement per course. Notifications/Emails included.

Course News

Course's own blog. Instructor can create news and students will get notified by email/push/internal notifications.


Private messaging for Student interaction with Instructors or other students.


Internal notification system. Users see a notifications panel.


Users can add friends and friends can see each other's activities in activity module.


Users can follow each other and get notifications when the followed user takes actions or comes online.


Create groups, student groups, Instructor groups and more.

Bulk Course Messages

Send Bulk message to Course students. All students, selected students or based on course status and expiration.

Course Activity

Track all activity that happens in the course. Student's activity inside the course.

Manual Evaluations

Manually evaluate courses, quizzes, assignments or re-evaluate existing one and instructor can leave remarks.


Customise email appearance and content right from the WP admin panel.

Custom Registration Forms

Create unlimited registration forms with various options. Registration forms for member types, user roles, filled information directly inside the profile.


Create and Maintain notes site wide. Student can create note in the course pursue screen.

Email Schedule

Send reminder emails to user before course expiry, when new content is unlocked in drip courses or when they've not logged in to the site for some time.

Extendible Features



Members Directory

Customisable Sortable members directory. Create unlimited member directories for users in your site. Categorise users based on Member types. Show filter options based on Member type, member profile fields.

Member Types

Categorise members of your site into Member Types.

Member Cards

Create Cards for various members. Create Cards for Member types, Card for specific member.

Vibe Drive

A Drive option where users can upload files and share among users. Option to sync with DropBox*, Google Drive * and S3* [works with version4 only]

Vibe Calendar

A Calendar first Personal calendar for members of your site. Sync. with Google Calendar* . Create events, invite members. Set location and drag drop on calendar. [works with version4 only]

Vibe KB

Knowledge base component. Create articles and share with members who can edit. Public knowledge base. [works with version4 only]

Groups Directory

Customisable Sortable Groups directory. Create unlimited group directories for users in your site. Categorise users based on Member types. Show filter options based on Member type, member profile fields.

Group Cards

Create Cards for various groups. Create Cards for Group types, Card for specific group.

Group Types

Categorise groups of your site into Group Types.

Vibe Helpdesk

BBPress on ReactJS. Fast and works in app. [works with version4 only]

Premium Features [ available via Paid Addons ]

All prices are one time, you will get a license key which you need to activate the addons.




Instructor Booking

Book instructors, slots, rate instructors, auto-connect Video conferencing. Sell slots via WooCommerce, EDD etc. Group Bookings, Cancellation, Re-scheduling. Calendar based directory search. Search using Custom profile field data.



Sub Group Course users into Groups. Create multiple variations of Course based on start date, Instructor and other variables. Allow users to buy batch on a per seat pricing and add students in their batch. Create variation of same course for Batch. Restrict batch users to view only batch courses throughout the site.


S3 [Pending V4 update]

Upload content on Amazon S3. Works with assignments, audio, video and documents.


Variable Pricing [Pending V4 update]

Sell course with variable pricing options. Pricing variable for Certificate , for Badge, Subscriptions (per month, per year) and batches.


Unit Timings

Time your students based on actual time spent in course. Restrict unit access based on time spent on unit.


Parent User

Parents/Manager gets a special dashboard to track progress and other reports about his wards.



Track attendance of student in various courses. Comes with ID Card builder and QR Code reader in Mobile App to auto-mark attendance on scan via mobile app.


Phone Authentication

OTP Based Login and registration using firebase (50 sms/minute limit under free tier)



Integrate Mailchimp. Auto-generate and sync user lists with courses. Auto-create segments for course status and expiration value.



Integrate ConvertKit. Auto-generate and sync user lists with courses. Auto-create segments for course status and expiration value.


Instructor Memberships [Pending V4 update]

Create membership plans for Instructors. They pay based on membership payments.


Zapier Integration

Integrate WPLMS with Zapier


WPLMS SMS [Pending V4 update]

Integrate Twilio SMS service with WPLMS.


WPLMS Push Notifications [Pending V4 update]

Send personalised push notifications on various trigger points in theme. All 32 touch points supported and option to send individual user notification as well.


Custom Learning Paths

Create Programs spanning across courses and various other activities. Enable Program certificate. Optionally, give more than 1 path to the user to achieve their target.


More Features [ available via Free Addons ]




BigBlueButton Video Conferencing

Conferencing services via BigBlueButton

Vibe BBB

Zoom Conferencing

Conferencing Solutions Via Zoom

Vibe Zoom

Certificate Builder

Drag drop certificate builder

WPLMS PDF Certificates

Jitsi Conferencing

Conferencing Solutions Via Jitsi

Vibe Jitsi

Front end blog posts

Enable users to post blogs using front end

vibe posts

Deep Analytics

Google analytics tracking of various activities in WPLMS


Browser Status

BrowserOperating SystemStatus


Windows / Mac / Linux / Android

Flawless PWA


Windows / Mac / Linux

Working, PWA


Windows / Mac / Linux



Windows / Mac / Linux

Working, No PWA

Internet Explorer Edge



Unsupported Browsers include : IE 11 & Below ( No support from WP )

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